"Right, and my sister REALLY is a lesbian? Get a grip."

I need to get a grip. Look at yourself, babe.

marvellous-mins reblogged your post: Fuck sake, where the fuck are the cool people?

Right here, silly. The pub sounds good. When suits you?

Nows good for me! Meet you there.

Fuck sake, where the fuck are the cool people?

"Not interested Cook, I don't want any of your STD's."

Wow, now whos being a bitch?

I’m all clear babe.

"Pleasure. Well, I'm quite bored... care to demonstrate?"

Sure. Does the pub sound good to you?

"Well, hello. I've heard about you. All bad things, thankfully. Any of them true? I'm Mini."

Well, hello there. And I’m the famous Cook.

They could all possibly be true. I tend to be the gossip point of his city, and the fun too.

"Yeah, well you said the same thing to Naomi and she turned into a lesbian."

I just couldn’t change her mind. She wanted the pussy and she got the pussy. Since I know you only like cock, that’s a bonus for me since I have a monster one.